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March 24, 2009


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I will buy this. I will buy this. I want it now!!!

(so excited)


Congratulations! *squeee* I'm so excited! I remember when you were having a hard time writing something serious -- and I found out that it's for this book :) I live on the other side of the world, but I'm definitely buying your book when it comes out.

I'm so happy for you! I'm sure more great things are on their way to you right now. Thank you for always sharing with us your works. They're terrific and now I'm glad more people are going to see it :)

Austin Kleon

Looks great, man! Congrats!


hot damn dude...rawk on!!!


sweet! Looks great!


I vote for retaining that quote on the back as-is; it's funny.

Well done :)


Good stuff Marc, how exciting.


I'm so freaking excited!

Also I'm glad I can comment now.


great! can't wait to have my own copy:)
Congratulations :)


I can't wait for this to come out, will be buying as soon as possible!


I was expecting yet another horrificly overpriced art book.. but $19.95!! My god that's a good deal.


Congrats, Marc. This looks fantastic. Can't wait to pick up a copy!


I am RIDICULOUSLY thrilled for you and you can be certain that I will be on the advanced buyers list!!

I know you're not maintaining Vox anymore but, please, if your profile is still up then post this info over there too!!


Congrats! That's so wonderful! I'll definitely pick one up :)

renee anne

ah such an "inspiration" and "breath of fresh air" kind of blog (and art).

And yes you are great.


i want on

Michael Nobbs

This looks wonderful!


damn, i allways wanted to create something exactly like that book!, its fantastic! i love it and i need to have it in my hands to look at it every day and be inspired:)

Jennifer Mann

Great stuff, and funny too! Congratulations on the book.


umm..yay!!! in the whole skittering my feet in excitement! I'm glad to see you have a book.
Look forward to getting my hands on a copy.

eric tabuena

Great stuff!


I am buying this. Or else.

jen b

congratulations that is so great. i adore you drawings and sense of humor. i will be buying a few copies of this book for sure.


congratulations! just discovered your work and you definitely deserve a book!


oh, how exciting! i'll definitely pick up a copy when it's available.


yes, yes, yes! yaaaaaay. All of my friends will be getting this for xmas.


So glad to hear about this! I'm really happy for you!

Marie Mainguy

I really really really love your work. Brilliant !


Seriously, I found out about you only like.. 3 minutes ago, and you already have me wanting to buy your book.

You must be some miracle worker.


really want one.
wandering how long will it take before i can see it in Palermo's bookshops :/


you had me in stitches in the bookstore! i bought a copy and open it up when i need a laugh. love the humor.


It's wonderful. I would love to have a copy when released. Anyway great work.

Marc Johns

Thanks Ram! The book is available now. I've provided a bunch of links to various online retailers in the upper right hand section of this site.


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