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October 06, 2011


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Love the tone. Looks like it would make a great digital book or simple smartphone app as well.


After defacing your book to decorate various areas of my place, I was gifted a new copy of "H is For Holy Crap" this week - can't get enough! Surely if you print up these adorable birds, people will flock to purchase them. Pun intended.


You should really do more of these. i'd love to have a book!

Mars Dorian

Niiice. Cool little series.

sent from Mars


J'adore! Merci pour tant de poésie!


Yes please!

Sarah Hoeben

Absolutely!! I love this!!

Sarah Hoeben

Absolutely!! I love this!!


Please do more of these! And make some prints! They're adorable.


YES!! I want one!


I knew it :-)
wonderful series!

Marc Johns

Wow! Thanks for all the kind words! And coming from so many awesome people. I am encouraged to say the least, and will let you know if I do prints and/or a book. Y'all made my day!


I would totally buy a book, especially to give as a gift.


The secret life of birds as discovered by Marc Johns! I love such an idea.

Barn Weddings

Quite awesome! I also wonder how birds do think.

Chris from New Zealand

These are really great, brought a smile to my face, thank you.


I would love a book of this series! They're delightful. :-)

Lindsey Afton Dufoe

I LOVE this! A book is a great idea!

Lorelei Pepi

Yes! Please do! These made me laugh out loud on the bus. I particularly love the skatebirding one --was a typing mistake! Lol-- i would like to see them looking at art.


I love the skateboarding one, and the lazy balloon adventure bird!

Though, I am seeing them as more of a card set... they are uplifting, and so funny without being connected to a specific theme... perfect for a "Hey you! Thanks for the gift" or "You are my favorite cutie-cookie-making-fall-down-lauging-silly-goose of a friend" card...

So fun!


Would love love love to see this as a collection of prints as well!


pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease make a book, Marc!





Oh definitely. Make a book. It could almost be a children's book for smart kids with sarcastic parents.

Graham B.

I'd buy one, if it were large-scale and hardcover, so no one confused it with a children's book!

elizabeth newton

These are wonderful. I particularly love the slightly chubby bird with the balloon :)

Nicki Hughes

Perfect to sell as greeting cards! I'd have them more than a book.... And word would spread even wider!

Jenni Gaines

I would buy that book!


Pleaseeeee publish it in some way! :D

Nicole Arias Lazcano

Make a book, please! I would absolutely buy it. This is a great idea... and it's very funny.

Greetings from Chile :D :)




adorable! :D

Amber | Club Flyers

I agree to black and whites' quietness, it showed in the pictures. Aside from that, the series and idea itself, "What birds do when we are not looking" is absolutely perfect. Never thought of it, but it was really great. Found myself laughing while looking at those pictures.


If I was a bird, I'd try to find balloons to hang onto too. I wish I could find a balloon big enough to float me around now......


Marc John,

Let me just tell you that your illustrations are fabulous. Your work reminds of of Maira Kalmans , who is another favorite.
When I'm 30 , I envision having a home , that has a wall covered with your and her works.


i am in love with your work.

estefania from argentina

Carl Hendrickson

Absolutely publish a book. It could be a great seller but think carefully about marketing & distribution:

BIRDING is the biggest recreational hobby in the US, Canada and Great Britian! Target birders, they would go apeshit over this collection.


Yes please! Book! Book! Book!

estanislao pónz

Yes, please!


Amazing! I would love an entire book of these.


please do so! love this series... but them again, nothing new, everything you do is so simple but brilliant!

Grace Looi

yes of course! the world needs a book like this! :p

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