Ampersand Tattoo

Amazing. Holy crap. I am honoured. I received an email and the photo above from Luis, letting me know that he had the deluxe carrying case for an ampersand drawing tattooed onto his forearm. He told me he has two other tattoos—one of a Banksy stencil, and one of a Shel Silverstein drawing. Terrific company to be in, that's for sure. Luis, I'll say it again, I am truly honoured.

I've had a number of emailed questions about tattooing recently, so I thought I'd answer them here: if you are thinking of having one of my drawings tattooed onto yourself, you have my permission (I'd be flattered!), but I'd love it if you could email me a photo that I could share on my blog. And if you've already committed one of my drawings permanently to flesh, then by all means send me a pic. That would be most awesome.