This alarm clock is better

Ink and watercolour, 8x10 inches (original is SOLD available in the shop).

I've always been fascinated and amused by the way things are marketed and sold, and the way we are led to believe that bigger, faster, and more expensive is better. Quite often it's not the case, with marketers selling the same product at two different price points. We know it happens, but we still fall for it.
In University I studied both Fine Arts and Business, and graduated with a double major. I am truly intrigued by how commerce works, but I am often inspired to portray how it fails us in my drawings. Of course, I like to point it out in an amusing way, because I believe that's more effective. And what usually makes it amusing is the fact that it's true.

(I may add to this post later, or write another one about the foibles of consumerism and all that. It's a recurring theme in my work that I haven't really put into words yet).