you can be anything

I am consistently stunned by the irony of having fast food chains and soft drink companies sponsor athletes and the Olympics. Like wolfing down a quarter-pounder, just like the professional snowboarder in the commercial is doing, will make you a champion too. (I have a thing for identity, and the way we use products to create a self image. I also have a thing for futility.)

With the Vancouver Winter Olympics happening in about 2 weeks from now, just across the water from here, there's a whole whack of commercial plundering of national pride (and identity) that's getting on my nerves. Not to mention the corporate meddling, like the Vancouver Public Library being asked to only partner with official Olympic sponsors and hide the logos of non-sponsors. Hey! Don't mess with our libraries! I'm not knocking the actual games. A celebration of excellence and good sportsmanship is a wonderful thing. I just think the spirit of the Olympics keeps getting tarnished.    

Ink and watercolour on paper, 5x7 inches. Original drawing is sold (other drawings available here).