Holiday Matinee book

I was fortunate enough to be featured in Holiday Matinee's first book, I Swear to Good You Are God At This, 72 pages of creative inspiration.

Here's the spread about yours truly:

The text in the above picture says:

"Marc Johns is one clever dude. I'm quite certain he was born with superpowers that enable him to draw the sharpest and wittiest illustrations on the planet. His new book, Serious Drawings, will get you laid. Ok, maybe not but it's definitely a must-have and will make you smile."

Um, I'm blushing just a bit. Much, much too kind.
And here are an assortment of great spreads full of goodness and inspiration and enormous talent:

Dave from Holiday Matinee is the most passionate, energized, positive person I have ever met through email. His enthusiasm is intoxicating, and it comes across in this book. We need more folks like Dave in this world!

Read more about the book on Holiday Matinee's website, or buy it here. Oh, and follow Holiday Matinee on twitter.