Drawings at Giant Robot in New York

I'm super juiced to have three little drawings in Small Favors, an exhibit of diminutive artworks at Giant Robot in New York (437 East 9th Street).the show opened this past weekend (sorry I didn't blog about it sooner!), and runs until April 14th.

Here are my three pieces in the show. I found these great little frames at an art supply megastore, and had the idea to do traditional-style portraits (a bit Royal Tenenbaums-esque, for sure). They are about 3 x 4 inches.

Here's the flyer for the show:

Lots of fantastic artists participating:
Selina Alko, APAK, Jashar Awan, Jordan Awan, Sean Boyles, Sasha Barr, Aaron Brown, Jeffrey Brown, Jon Burgerman, Ako Castuera, Kris Chau, Louise Chen, Shawn Cheng, Alex Chiu, Josh Cochran, Allison Cole, Molly Crabapple, Eleanor Davis, Jennifer Davis, Michael Deforge, Morgan Elliott, Grant Falardeau, James Benjamin Franklin, Matt Furie, Mark Giglio, Tim Gough, Matt Haber, Tim Hensley, Lizz Hickey, Patrick Hruby, Jay Horinouchi, David Horvath, Martin Hsu, Mari Inukai, Jordin Isip, Yellena James, Levon Jihanian, Marc Johns (OMG me), Mr. Kiji, Dan-Ah Kim, James Kochalka, Stephanie Kubo, Jesse Ledoux, Abe Lincoln Jr., Jack Long, Justin Lovato, Sara Antoinette Martin, Aaron Martinez, Jeffrey Ashe Meyer, Mika Mood, Tru Nguyen, Grant Reynolds, Julia Rothman, Julianna Parr, Sidney Pink, Sean Qualls, Deth P. Sun, Zack Soto, Rodger Stevens, Ric Stultz, Gary Taxali, Daria Tessler, Peter Thompson, Elisabeth Timpone, Jeremy Tinder, Joe To, Aiyana Udesen, Jing Wei, Chelsea Wong, Lawrence Yang

If you're in New York, stop by and check it out.