I choose envy

We live in a culture of envy. Pick up a magazine, and what happens after flipping through a few pages? 'Ooh, I wish I had those shoes. I wish I lived in that house.' I do it too. It's kind of fun sometimes. (And it's not just in magazines - it happens on those Covet-This-Stuff blogs we all read. You know which ones I'm talking about.) But I think it's important to acknowledge that we do it, and more importantly that we choose to do it, and that it can lead us astray. We end up making decisions based on envy, instead of making them based on who we'd like to become, and staying true to ourselves. So this is simply my attempt at distilling a big aspect of our culture down to three words.

Ink and watercolour on paper, 8x10 inches.

Original drawing is SOLD available in the shop. Other available drawings can be found here.