Prints are available again!

Finally! Some of my favorite drawings are now available as prints in my shop for $20 each. That's right, 20 bucks gets you a fine reproduction of one of my drawings, signed and everything. Even some of my post-it note drawings have been made into prints.

I was so excited to finally offer prints again, that we thought we'd do a photo shoot of sorts. I say "we", because it was mostly my wife's idea. Full credit goes to her for the fine details around the house. After taking these pictures, we both decided that if this art thing doesn't work out, we might have a future working on Restoration Hardware or Anthropologie catalogs.

Go get yourself some art for 20 bucks.

I used to offer prints, but I quit about 9 months ago. So why did I stop? Because it became one of those things that took up all my time to maintain. Too much packing and shipping, and not enough drawing. But enough people kept asking for prints, that I decided to bring them back. Not everyone can afford to buy original drawings, and I'd like to keep my art accessible. I know there are other ways to offer reproductions without having to do all the work, through various partnerships and providers. And I may still explore that route — there are some good people to work with out there. But for now, I want to keep a direct connection between me and you.