cotton candy

I was thinking about cotton candy, and how you could go about drawing it. The wisps of spun sugar seem a bit like a scribble to me, although a cloud-like drawing would do the trick as well.

I like the energy of scribbles. Everybody scribbles—it's a very universal, human thing to do. I think that's why I enjoy art by people like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Cy Twombly — it's raw, human, imperfect mark-making.

Everything is so goddamn perfect now: laid out in grids, straight lines, heavily cleaned up in Photoshop, etc., even things that don't need to be. I'm a graphic designer by trade, so I'm certainly guilty of contributing to this output of polished perfection. I guess that's why I like to escape to the world of wobbly lines and unpredictable watercolour paint. In fact, I will soon escape from working in graphic design for good (more on that another time).

Pen and highlighter on post-it note, 3x3 inches.

The original drawing is not for sale. Check for other available drawings and prints.

Have a terrific weekend!