portraits with watercolour lines

I did this series of portraits (for lack of a better word) or characters using a watercolour brush instead of a pen. I've been experimenting with this technique quite a bit lately, and the thicker lines force me to simplify how I render things.

portrait: plaid shirt - sold

portrait: lightning bolt earrings - sold

portrait: man with mustache - sold

portrait: striped sweater - sold

All of the above are watercolour on paper, 5x7 inches each. And yes, they are all sold. I sent out one of my occasional newsletters on Sunday night alerting subscribers that a total of 15 new drawings were available, including the above four, and by the following day only a couple of drawings were left. And now they're all gone. If you want to be in the know next time, subscribe to my newsletter here, on the home page of my shop. I only send it out when I've got big news or lots of new drawings in the shop, so I won't be clogging up your inbox.

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