cubic zirconia with antlers tattoo - Brad

Awesome! This is Brad, with a tattoo of my cubic zirconia with antlers drawing. I asked him why he had it tattooed, and here's what he said:

Two of my favorite things you draw are cubic zirconias and antlers. So this image made perfect sense to get inked. I just couldn't live another day without your art on me. I wish there was a deeper reason as to why I got it, but it's pretty much just the fact that it's the coolest thing ever. Everyone I've shown it to loves it!

An honest man. I'm truly honoured, sir. And I sure do love drawing antlers and cubic zirconias (but not diamonds). Thanks so much for sharing this, Brad!

Here's the original drawing, which was part of a whole things with antlers series:

See more tattoos. If you've got a tattoo of one of my drawings, I'd really love to see it. Email me at marcjohns [at] gmail [dot] com.