boombox with antlers tattoo - Sarah from Chicago

Fantastic! This is Sarah with a tattoo of my boombox with antlers drawing, which was part of a series of things with antlers. The tattoo was done by the folks at Family Tattoo Chicago. I asked her why she chose this particular drawing to get inked, and here's her answer:

Believe me, it was a hard decision. The diamond boombox was up there in the ranks...all of your work with frames is wonderful--the three portraits in frames is very Royal Tenenbaums-esque. Geometric shapes look great as tattoos, so maybe that is why your drawings appeal to so many to get as tattoos, or because most of your work is a very clever statement in a fun minimalistic package.  I really love music, so I felt one of your boom boxes would be the most fitting. And the antlers...well I also have a tree on my other arm and I really enjoy the branches the same way I like the antlers, I suppose.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Sarah! See the original series of antler drawings.

More tattoos here. If you've got a tattoo of one of my drawings, I'd love to see it and share it on the blog! Email me at marcjohns [at] gmail [dot] com.