new prints

If you haven't visited the shop in a while, well you should, because there are a number of new prints to see. Here's a sampling:

Complicated bicycle. Framed prints look more sophisticated when they are on top of a stack of art books.


Rainbow types. Vintage housewares add credibility. Choose something colourful to compete with the six rainbows.


The spherical bear. The light was quite lovely on the dish rack, so I just couldn't resist.


You anchor me. And a stack of art books. Sexy.


Fuck art, let's be hedge fund managers. Looks extra edgy on our dilapitated brick chimney.

Have a look at all the new prints in the shop.

This charming message in the last print above of a post-it note drawing was inspired by the boom times of the art world, shortly before the great 2008 Wall Street crash. I kept reading articles on C-Monster about the frenzy at art fairs where the nouveau riche (mostly hedge fund managers and other grossly compensated folks from dodgy professions) were chomping at the bit to invest their newly amassed fortunes in contemporary art. The galleries and artists seemed all too keen to cater to them, to the point where I thought, why bother being an artist if the main goal is to make money from hedge fund managers? Why not just become a hedge fund manager?

It also echoes that doubt we all have as artists, where we ask ourselves, why am I doing this? I could be making waaaay more money doing something else. But of course the alternative, e.g. being a hedge fund manager, when we really think about it, isn't really an option. (By the way, if you're a hedge fund manager and enjoy what you do, I am thrilled. I'm glad there are people who are willing and able to do those kinds of jobs so I don't have to. And you should buy this print too).

Time to go print shopping