helpful cutlery

Ink & ink wash on paper, 8x10 inches. The original drawing is SOLD available.

I dusted off the India ink today, and experimented with ink washes. I like how the watered down black ink is not really grey, but a warm, slightly brownish tone. The paper I use is a bit off-white, so the overall effect is a bit vintage-y.

I must admit, I sometimes get tired of using colour. The drawings in my sketchbooks are black and white, and I like the simplicity they have. Besides, my most popular drawing is black and white. So I like to try and see if I can communicate an idea, tell a story, without colour. But when I do use it, I try to use it sparingly. 

Oh, and the other reason I'm messing about in black and white is that I have an idea I'm working on for a small book that would be printed in black and white.

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