drawings for Tommy Hilfiger t-shirts

Gah! Super excited to share this. Last year I was approached by the fine folks at Tommy Hilfiger about creating some post-it note drawings for t-shirts. They're part of a much larger collection called 'Tommy', which is a younger, more playful line of clothing and accessories than what you'd expect from TH, so the idea was to take the preppy lifestyle and play around with it. What was amazing for me about this project was that I got to use my post-it note format, complete with highlighter pens for the colours, and use the exact same approach I use in my personal work. Super fun.

I don't know exactly where these are available, but if you have a Tommy shop in your area, stop in and have a look.

One more thing, my what to focus on drawing was also made into a t-shirt as part of the Tommy collection. @katherinecarney spotted it in Toronto: