"if I tell you these are mountains" tattoo - Anna from Columbus

Another tattoo!

Who: Anna

From: Columbus, Ohio

A tattoo of this drawing: If I tell you these are mountains, you will imagine them as such

Tattoo artist/shop: Custom Tattoo in Milwaukee, WI

Anna's story: She had the tattoo done as part of a farewell tour of Milwaukee, where she just graduated, and was about to move to Columbus to work on her PhD.

"For me, tattoos are about art and don't need to have some deep, dark meaning associated with them.  BUT.... (when being pestered by people asking what the tattoo means) ... I suppose the theme of the drawing nicely coincides with my main attitude toward life.  That is, I think that life is about 90% perception, 10% reality, or more simply, that life's what you make it."

"I'm so excited to share my tattoo with you and think it's SO cool that you're so open to allowing others to incorporate your artwork on their bodies and into their lives - your posting of stuff like this on your blog, I think, really helps to encourage this open atmosphere, in terms of the sharing and proliferation of your artwork."

Awesome. Thanks for sharing your story, Anna!

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