let it do a little dance (and a new series of culinary-themed prints!)

The original drawing is sold, but prints are available.

Ink and watercolour on paper, 8x10 inches.

Elise Bauer, the force behind food blog powerhouse Simply Recipes, has been a wonderful supporter of mine for a long time. So when she asked me to make a little series of cooking-related prints that she could share with her readers, I was more than happy to. (Besides, I've done many drawings about food and eating in the past, so it's a theme I already enjoy playing with.) The dancing pie above is one of them. There's also some badass onions, a tattooed broccoli (which I've posted before), a whisk with great hair, and oven mitts of awesomeness.

See the whole collection of culinary prints (this is a limited edition series, unlike my other prints).

Check for other available drawings and signed prints.