art just is

Signed 8x10 inch prints available.

This is something I madly typed into twitter last week, and it seemed to ring true for many people.

Art is everywhere. It can be anything, and everything. To try to define it is futile. I think it's even hard to properly define creativity, or figure out the mechanics of it. I've sat through many classes in university, through dizzying discussions about what art is, exactly. And everybody is usually left with more questions than answers. I think we can agree on what it isn't, and on what it gives us. It breathes life into us. It's undervalued, yet highly necessary. It's a distraction. It's a calling. It gets us into trouble. And we love it.

There are many more things I could write about this, but I just want to press the 'publish' button on this post and get on with making more art. 

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