I need to make things with my hands every day

8x10 signed prints available for $20.

I wrote this in my sketchbook the other day, as a reminder/statement/mantra to myself. I used to spend all day in front of a computer, emailing, photoshopping, designing, layout-ing, etc. I enjoyed being a designer (and making things with pixels and code is great), but personally, I still needed to use my hands, even if it was just to make some marks on paper. That's why I started drawing on post-it notes. They were small and quick and raw and immediate and I could do them on my lunch break. I craved the spontaneity, the imperfections of ink bleeding on paper, of lines not matching up, of things being not quite centered. No grids. Unpolished. Hand made.

I need to always be making things. Are you a maker?

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