"God made me do this" AND "world famous drawing" tattoos - Alison from San Francisco

Who: Alison

From: San Francisco

Tattoo of TWO drawings: God made me draw this and world famous drawing

The story: "I've been a fan of your work for a while, and 'world famous drawing' has always been a particular favorite. I love to draw, sew, and create, but have struggled with what our society considers 'art'. It's such a subjective experience, and love that your drawings evoke a humorous side to art, which fits with my style completely. I also just identified with the drawing itself--who hasn't furiously scribbled a similar design over a mistake, or in the margins of a notebook? I loved the idea of having an unconventional "scribble" (although a deliberate and detailed one at that) as a tattoo.

As for 'God made me draw this,' I had been playing around with the idea of geometric shapes and designs for a more abstract tattoo. Again, I love the imperfection/disorganized quality and how asymmetrical the triangles are/fit together. It's a beautiful design--it almost feels like a confused honeycomb. I was looking for a-less-than-traditional-style-tattoo and you helped me get just that! Thanks!"

I love the stories, Alison. TWO drawings tattooed! Fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

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