"I have a crush on trees" tattoo - Kate from New York

Who: Kate

From: New York

A tattoo based on: I have a crush on trees

Tattoo artist: Brandon Bender

The story: "One day I was looking through your archives and stumbled across 'I Have A Crush On Trees'. In August I moved to New York from Northern Florida, where trees were in abundance. I'd been a bit homesick and really missed having nature around me. I wasn't looking for a tattoo idea but as soon as I saw all those little pine trees I just had to get them on me!!!I went back to visit in January and my talented friend Brandon (who's opening his own tattoo shop soon) was kind enough to actually trace 3 of the trees and tattoo them on my arm. Here are a couple pictures. I hope you like them as much as I do. Thanks for being awesome!!"

Thanks Kate. Here's to trees!

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