Inked Magazine article

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Inked Magazine has a full page article about my work in their November issue.

Now before you say "but Marc, you're not a tattoo artist!", to which I would say you're absolutely right, the magazine often features a variety of artists and designers from different genres. Which makes sense, because people who are interested in tattoos are going to be interested in art. 

On a related note (and I did mention this to the interviewer), I don't have any tattoos myself. I don't think I could ever commit to a specific image to be on my skin for life. I'm too afraid that I'd get sick of it and want to change it, because I feel like I'm always changing. But I guess that for some people, a tattoo is like a souvenir, a reminder of a certain period in one's life. So that as you evolve as a person and move through life, you'll always have a reminder on your skin of a certain time and place that was significant.

Thanks for the great feature, Inked Magazine & Kara Pound!

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