new book now available on Amazon

Yay! My new book, I made these drawings for you, is now available on six Amazon sites. Get it here: 

In case you missed it, read more about the book and see photos of some inside pages.

I priced it at exactly $25 (instead of the usual 24.95) on so that you'd qualify for free shipping without having to buy anything else. I think it meets the free shipping threshold on some of the European sites as well.

I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to get it on the site, for my fellow Canadians. I'm sorry! The service I used, CreateSpace, gets it onto the 6 Amazon sites listed above, and none of the others. I was going to offer the book directly myself but it would cost just as much (maybe more) for me to ship to a Canadian address as it would for to ship to a Canadian address. Maybe in the new year I'll get something sorted out.

Also, for some reason the author is "Mr. Marc Johns". Not sure why the formality is there. I guess it's because I am a thousand years old, so the extra prefix is warranted.