be kind

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Kindness is underrated. We could always use more of it. We tend to worship visionaries and creative people (like Steve Jobs and Pablo Picasso) and elevate them to the status of gods, even though they were often assholes (like Steve Jobs and Pablo Picasso). Stop praising the jerks. It reinforces bad behaviour (all the parents in the house know this).

When my wife and I had our own business (this was a loooooong time ago), we had a motto: only do business with nice people. It served us really well. We didn't get rich (a huge understatement!), but we did work on our terms, and by avoiding jerks (and turning down their business) we didn't get pushed around.

Just a few thoughts about something that, admittedly, deserves more than being printed on a t-shirt.

(Update: thanks for the post, Tina / Swiss Miss!)

Original drawing is sold. Ink & watercolour on paper, 5x7 inches.

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