hardcore cubic zirconia, this is a stick, and boombox with antlers tattoos - Maggie from Indiana

Who: Maggie

From: Greenwood, Indiana

Tattoo artist: Crystal Brainerd at Main Street Tattoo

A tattoo of: hardcore cubic zirconia, boombox with antlers - a drawing from a series of things with antlers, and the stick from this is a stick.

The story: "I got hardcore cubic zirconia because it amuses and makes me laugh. Laughter is a hugely important component for life. I got boombox with antlers because music is a hugely important component for life. I got 'this is a stick' because of what you said it represented on your site and to remind myself to use the things I already have as my disposal. All of the tattoos make me ridiculously happy but I'm especially pleased with the stick. "

Fantastic. Love it. Thanks for sharing, Maggie!

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