follow this blog (without Google Reader)

If you're like me, you use Google Reader to follow your favourite blogs. But they recently announced that they are shutting down the service as of July 1st. What? 

So here are some other (free) ways to keep following this blog:

Subscribe by email.
Get entire blog posts (not just links) sent to your inbox. Unsubscribe at any time. Sign up here.

Follow me on Bloglovin.
If you haven't heard of it, Bloglovin' helps you follow the blogs you like by emailing you when they update. (They even have a way to import your blogs from Google Reader.) 

Follow me on Twitter.
I put up links to every blog post, as well as other news and bits.

If you used Google Reader, try Feedly.
is a nice alternative to Google Reader, and it's free. They have instructions on how to move your account from Google Reader to them.

(If you don't know what RSS is or what Google Reader is, then don't worry about it! Subscribing by email is the easiest.)

Do you have another great way to follow your favourite blogs? Let me know in the comments!