"I made these drawings for you" book is on sale

Amazon has my book on sale!
20% off through Amazon.com and about 20% off through Amazon.co.uk.

That's $19.66* in the US (instead of $25.00!) and £12.83* in the UK (instead of £15.95). 

See more photos of the book and links to all the Amazon sites that sell it.

So you know, I have no control over Amazon's discounting (and it doesn't affect my royalties). It has nothing to do with inventory clearance: the book is printed on demand, so there's always copies available. 

So if you haven't bought the book yet, well, go get it! Over 110 drawings of ridiculousness!

Get it from Amazon.com for $19.66 US.
Get it from Amazon.co.uk for £12.83.

* Prices updated as of August 1, 2013. They fluctuate daily. Fine print is fun!