speaking at 99u Local in Victoria, BC

99u Local Victoria, BC

I'm really excited to be speaking at the inaugural 99u Local event next week here in Victoria!

I've been asked to speak a couple of times before at other events, but I turned them down because I was too freaked out to do it. But, I decided this time to jump in and give it a shot, and tell my story, so we'll see how it goes.


WHEN: Sept. 15, 7-10pm.

WHERE: The Watershed co-working space, 500 - 1112 Fort St., Victoria, BC

SPEAKERS: 15 minute talks given by Tara Hurst, designer & stylist; Quinton Gordon, analogue photographer; and me!

WHAT ELSE: drinks, live DJ, and meeting up with nice people.

RSVP: right here

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/99ulocalvictoria

99u Local is a smaller version of 99u, the annual conference held in New York City. 99u Local events are being held in 28 cities around the world, all next week.

Come join us!