100 Houses Exhibition - Bristol, UK

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I am pleased to be taking part in an exhibition called 100 Houses, to be held at Bristol’s Tobacco Factory in the UK for 2 weeks in November (see my contribution above). The exhibition entails 100 artists drawing/painting/doodling an image of a "house" and will be in support of the housing and homelessness charity Shelter. All of the pieces in the show are 10 x 10 inches.

UPDATE: my drawing is available for sale in the 100 Houses online shop.



The show opens on November 16th (tonight!), 8pm til midnight, and runs through til November 30th. All unsold artwork will be made available through a temporary online shop as of December 1st.

The show is organized by the talented, fearless and tireless Paul Roberts. Loads of amazing artists are involved, including Jack Teagle, Gemma Correll, Deth P Sun, Simon Peplow, Michael Sieben, Ben Javens, and tons more. I wish I could go, but it's a little far away from here. But if you're in the Bristol area, you must check it out.

Facebook event page


100 Houses exhibition shop (open on December 1)

submiT Vancouver

I'm very excited to be participating in this year's submiT Vancouver event. SubmiT showcases local artists on limited edition t-shirts at a one-night-only event held at the Roundhouse Community Center, and 100% of the proceeds go to imagine1day. It's happening this week! November 1st at 7pm.

imagine1day is a global charitable organization commited to ensuring that every child in Ethiopia receives a quality eductation.

There's a short interview with yours truly on their blog, a picture of me working at my dining room table and a large photo of my face. Watch out.

I made a drawing specifically for this event (it'll be available as a t-shirt and a signed print). However, I've been asked to keep it a secret, so I can't show it to you :) There are 10 artists contributing in total. All of the artwork will be revealed at the event. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend myself, but if you're in Vancouver, check it out.

Here's the details:

submiT Vancouver
November 1st, 2012 @ 7:00pm
Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver, BC
Here's the list of participating artists
Tickets: $15 in advance (buy online), or $20 at the door (if it's not sold out)

'A Perfect Day' exhibition in Amsterdam

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22 of my post-it note drawings (and one ink & watercolour) are currently being exhibited at A Perfect Day, a group exhibition at Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, which opened on February 10th and continues until the 24th.

I am incredibly thrilled to be exhibited in the same room (albeit a very large room) as so many huge icons and heroes of mine, including Dave Eggers, Paul Davis, Chris Johanson, Rene Magritte, Christoph Niemann, Raymond Pettibon, David Shrigley, Leonard Cohen, Saul Steinberg, the Royal Art Lodge, Ian Stevenson and many more. Click on the above flyer to see a larger, more legible version of the complete list. (Thank you, Olga, for asking me to be a part of it!)

From the Perfect Day website:

A Perfect Day is the continuation of the Apexart exhibit called ‘Lots of Things Like This‘ that took place in 2008 in New York. An exhibition curated by Dave Eggers, author of ‘Whats the What’ and founder of the publishouse McSweeney’s.

‘People who see a drawing in the New Yorker will automatically think thats it’s funny because it’s a cartoon. If they see it in a museum, they think it’s artistic, and if they find it in a fortune cookie they think it’s a prediction. ‘ – Saul Steinberg

image + text: short, powerful, visual and textual funny

Now more than ever you can see anywhere in the world an art form consisting of images and text and, above all, humor. Today you see writers, cartoonists, graffiti artists, poets, songwriters, stage and film makers and artists around the world – in some cases, their main task – working with these elements. It is an accessible, contemporary form of communication, with a quick easy universal language, but as intimate as a sketch on a napkin. – Jesse Nathan

So if you're in Amsterdam, go see it!

(Here's the sign outside the front entrance, with David Shrigley's terrific 'Crap' piece on it.)

Here's the exhibition's website, Twitter, and Facebook page.

Post-it note drawings about management

A while ago I was asked to contribute some drawings to an exhibition with the theme of "Manager". I ended up making 20 post-it note drawings which are now on view at the Vögele Kultur Zentrum in Zurich. The show itself is ambitious, taking up multiple rooms (my post-its are a tiny part of it), and I am one of twenty contributors. The exhibition is called Wir Manager!, and looks at the phenomenon of the Manager, covering everything from business heroes and corrupt executives to middle management drudgery. Here's a video from Art-TV.ch (in German).

Some of the post-it note drawings in the show:









There's a fantastic catalogue to accompany the exhibition (no, those aren't my scribbles on the cover):

A photo from the exhibit, with my post-its displayed on the right: