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DIY Copyright for Artists


Do you worry about having your art ripped off? Has it already happened?

Getting your art stolen and having others profit from it without your permission feels absolutely gut-wrenching.

You want to scream. Cry. Fight. Give up. Get even. It’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

I know, because I’ve gone through it way too many times. But I’ve figured out a way to handle it.

Introducing DIY COPYRIGHT FOR ARTISTS, the lawyer-free method for artists who want to protect their work and get paid by copyright infringers. For just $35.

What I’ll be talking about:

  • What to do when your art is ripped off

  • The exact step-by-step method I’ve used to collect thousands from infringers

  • Why publicly calling out copyright infringers is usually not the best strategy (and when it is)

  • How to protect your art

  • Get rid of the fear of having your work out there

  • Positioning yourself and your art so you can worry less about getting ripped off

  • Secrets! Like this one: did you know that most companies are not interested in stealing from you?

  • Get this taken care of so you can go back to making art and enjoying the sunshine

I am NOT a lawyer. I’m an artist, that, unfortunately, has had to learn a lot about this and found some strategies to get paid for copyright infringement. I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you and hope that we can all take more control of the valuable work we create.

What you’ll get when you sign up:

  • Access to the video class, which was originally recorded as a live online event. The video is 1 hour and 20 minutes.

  • A short PDF guide of my step-by-step method for how to get paid by copyright infringers.

Sign up for DIY Copyright for Artists today! It’ll be fun.

This is what the video looks like. Apparently I move my hands around a lot.

This is what the video looks like. Apparently I move my hands around a lot.

What this class is NOT:

I am NOT a lawyer, so this is NOT legal advice. However, this class shares my methods for getting compensated from companies that use your work without permission. These methods have helped me collect thousands of dollars in royalty payments from infringers.

Do I hate lawyers?

NO! Lawyers are great. They’re smart people. But I can’t afford to hire them to solve my copyright infringement issues.

By the end of this class I want you to feel less vulnerable and more confident about sharing your work online. I want you to have the know-how that I’ve gained the hard way on how to protect your amazing art. There’s lots to talk about. It’ll be fun! I look forward to all your questions too.

Sign up for DIY Copyright for Artists today!