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Before you get in touch...

Please be patient - I get LOADS of email. There's just one of me -- I don't have an army of assistants. If you've got a deadline, let me know. If I haven't replied and you're getting impatient, email me again.

If you have questions about my process, advice, how I do what I do, etc. have a look at the interviews I've done. If you still have a specific question that wasn't answered, shoot me an email.

Do I take on commissions? Yup, commercial and editorial and product and such. Have a look at some of the work I've done for Newsweek, Wired magazine, Harper Perennial, and more. Get in touch.

What about personal commissions? Like custom tattoos and wedding gifts and such? I can't take on any personal commissions. I simply don't have the time. You can ask, but please don't be upset if I can't accomodate your request.

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