four-legged kitchen appliances

four-legged blender | drawing is sold

four-legged toaster | drawing is sold

four-legged microwave | drawing is sold available

four-legged stove | drawing is sold available

All drawings are ink and watercolour on paper, 5x7 inches each.

We're planning on getting rid of our microwave soon. What's amazing is how hard it is to get rid of something that big. You can't put it in the garbage can. Some less scrupulous people just dump things like this on the side of the road (happens all too often in our neighbourhood). We will have to pay to have it taken away, or drive to the outskirts of town and still fork over some cash to someone to take it from us. It's made us think twice about the things we buy and bring into our home, and how we will eventually have to get rid of them, and where they will end up. I wish I could just tell the microwave to take a hike.