log with head band and wrist bands

Ink and watercolour on paper, 5x7 inches. The original is SOLD available in the shop.
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Thoughts about caption writing:

I considered putting "log, ready for a workout" on this one, but it seemed a bit too jokey for me. You're too smart for that.

I prefer to attempt to be more subtle (although I know I don't always succeed). I like labeling things as they are, with a dry description, which I realize is even more obvious, but offers no direct conclusion. You look at the drawing and ask "did he just draw a log with a head band and wrist bands?" and then you read the caption, which answers your question: yes he did.

That being said, when I tweet about a drawing, I like to use a different description or caption, so that the experience does not repeat the caption. Ack! Creating titles for your art online is so complicated. Don't even talk to me about viral-friendly/search engine friendly nonsense. I'm an artist, dammit.