everything wants to be a unicorn

unicorn log - SOLD

unicorn peanut butter jar - SOLD

unicorn browser - SOLD

unicorn mittens - SOLD

unicorn skateboard - SOLD available

unicorn socks - SOLD

unicorn ice cream - SOLD

unicorn barn - SOLD

unicorn pipe - SOLD

unicorn money - SOLD

unicorn boom box - SOLD

unicorn blender - SOLD available

unicorn ampersand - SOLD

Everything wants to be a unicorn. And who can blame them? I like the idea of reducing the essence of the unicorn down to its horn. And besides, I'm no good at drawing horses.

All drawings are ink and watercolour on paper, 5x7 inches each. I haven't done a decent size series like this in a while.

A note to bloggers and tumblrs: If you plan on posting these, please don't put up the whole series on your site. 3 or 4 or 5 is good, then put a link to this post (http://j.mp/be-a-unicorn) so your friends and fans can see the rest. Thanks so much for spreading the word!

So why are most of them already sold? If you subscribe to my shop newsletter, you already know that they became available late last night. And by early this morning they were (holy crap!) mostly gone.