triangles tattoo - Lix from Korea

Who: Lix

From: Korea (currently living in Vietnam)

A tattoo inspired by this drawing: if I tell you these are mountains, you will imagine them as such

Her story: "I am originally Korean and just recently moved to Saigon. I stumbled upon your website and your art work. I KNEW that I was going to get a tattoo of one of your drawings when I first saw them. I just had my 26th birthday, so I decided to get my second tattoo and I chose your 'if i tell you these are mountains....' drawing and had it tattooed on my wrist. it's still healing but it looks great :) and coincidentally the amount of the triangles I got around my wrist is 26 in total."

She has a couple photos on Flickr of getting it tattooed.

I love it, Lix. Thanks for sharing!

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