cubic zirconia with antlers tattoo - Sirpa from Brighton

Who: Sirpa

From: Brighton, UK

A tattoo of: cubic zirconia with antlers, a drawing from a series of things with antlers

The story: "As much of a fan of your work as I am, [the reason I had it done] was to have a tattoo made in honour of my awesome mum. I have one on my other wrist to commemorate my dad who sadly passed away, so I wanted to pay tribute to my mum while she is still around. She looks very fragile but is tough as nails, so much like diamonds you really can not break her. And her initials spell out 'elk', which is why the antlers were the perfect addition."

Great story, Sirpa. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Here's to all the mothers out there. And here's to honouring loved ones while they are still around.

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