text from "pipe-smoking rabbit" tattoo - Kerstin from Luxemburg

Who: Kerstin

From: Luxemburg

A tattoo of: The text from the pipe-smoking rabbit drawing

The story: "As many other people, I also got a tattoo of one of your drawings. Well actually, it's not the complete drawing, it's just the sentence from a drawing, and the font is different too."

"Let me explain. Two years ago, a friend of mine posted this sentence on her Facebook account and I immediately fell in love with it as soon as I read it.What I love about it is this touch of mystery, it's like a fairy tale and it influenced my imagination. I choose an old German font for the quote, like the ones old books were written in because it reminds me of a fairy tale I read during my childhood."

"I thought about it for a month, then I finally went to NY Ink and got it as a tattoo. I absolutely love it and my friends do as well!  It's all about imagination and I liked the idea that everybody could imagine the rabbit in their own way, that's why I just got the quote. I like to imagine all kinds of things and I like to inspire people to do the same because in my opinion, imagination rules the world. And because I got the tattoo in New York, it reminds me that I've been there! :-) I hope you like my version of your quote!"

Thanks for sharing this, Kerstin!

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