Society6 review

I've been offering many of my drawings as iPhone & iPod cases, prints, t-shirts, and more through Society6 for a little while now. I've ordered a few things myself, so I thought I'd share with you a little review.

A quick summary: the iPhone & iPod skins and prints are terrific. The t-shirts are good, but might not be what you expect.


You can get prints (some as big as 28x34 inches), stretched canvases, framed prints, iPod & iPhone skins, iPhone cases, laptop and iPad skins, t-shirts, hoodies, and even greeting cards. I haven't ordered from every category, but here's what I've seen so far.

iPhone & iPod skins

I ordered one of these as a gift for my father-in-law's iPod (4th generation). They're $15 each. When you receive it in the mail, it looks like a glorified sticker. Once it's on your device, it looks slick:


I haven't ordered an iPhone case, because, well, I don't have an iPhone (or any smartphone, for that matter. I'm pretty low-tech. See VHS cassettes below). But loads of people (like 60 or 100 or so) have ordered one, and they tell me they like 'em.


I ordered the 17x20 inch print of one real antler, one imagined. Society6 adds about an inch of space all the way around, so I had to trim it to fit it in a 16x20 frame. This is especially handy if you live outside of North America, and your standard frame sizes are probably different and measured in centimeters. The extra space gives you flexibility to trim down to whatever frame you have.

The print quality is amazing. It's terrific. I know my artwork very well (obviously) and I can tell you that their prints are accurate and crisp. And the paper is lovely and thick and soft and lightly textured.

Here's some pictures. The large prints come shipped in a big tube, so they are curled a bit and need to be flattened, hence the VHS boxes holding it down:


Here's some close-ups:


I put it in this simple 16x20 inch frame:


I tend to make small drawings, so it's fun for me to see my work enlarged. I often get asked for larger reproductions, and Society6 has been a great solution for this.

(If you want a signed print, you'll have to order one from my own shop:


I ordered the fish with beard t-shirt, and I like it. However, if you like your t-shirts to have that crisp, plastic-y screenprinted quality, you'll be disappointed. The print on this shirt is soft, and almost has a slightly faded quality to it. Maybe bolder artwork would read differently. I don't mind this soft quality, and I think it's appropriate for my watercolour drawings. I hope I'm describing this properly; I just want you to know what these shirts are like, so that if you order one you'll know what to expect.


Society6 recently announced that you can print your artwork on dark shirts (you couldn't before), which means they'll print a white undercoat before laying down the artwork. I haven't ordered one yet, but I bet this will make shirt prints that look a bit more like screenprinting.

Okay, that's it. Now go shopping.