More homemade sketchbooks

When I first shared my homemade sketchbooks, the response was pretty enthusiastic, so I thought I'd share some more. Here's some sketchbook covers:

Inside some sketchbooks:

As you can see, the contents are messy and rough. It's not pretty. These were not made to be seen by anyone but me. But I've been wanting to break away from only posting finished work, and start sharing bits of my process. 

I make my own sketchbooks because I want them to be super cheap. When I use a nice, pricey leatherbound sketchbook, I feel myself holding back. I don't want to waste any pages on crappy drawings. But the whole point of these is to get ideas - good and bad ones - out of my head and onto paper. The cheaper the sketchbook, the freer I feel.

I talk more about this in my original sketchbook post.