this will eventually be a jpeg on your screen

Original drawing is available (ink & watercolour, 8x10 inches). 

This drawing is selfconscious of its future existence online.

When I make a drawing, I know that I will scan it and post it on the web. I know that vertical pieces work better on the blog than rectangular ones. I want the text ot be legible on your screen, so I adjust it on paper accordingly. All of these things affect what I make, yet I am still making a physical (offline) object. I haven't (yet) succumbed to creating my works digitally. 

Most artwork is experienced on a screen now. Thanks to the internet, we can see way more art than ever before, but I'll bet we spend less time in galleries than ever before (I hope I'm wrong about that). And I wonder how much artists are changing what they make, knowing that their work will be viewed mostly online rather than in person.

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