Got a tattoo of my work?


You've got a tattoo based on a drawing of mine that you saw on the internet. Or maybe you're just thinking about it. I want you to know that I am truly honoured. Truly!

I have always allowed my work to be tattooed. And people seem to really like that. I also believe that if you enjoy an artist's work it's always great to support them in some way.

So I'm making it easy and simple to do so with a pay-what-you-want support page. No Paypal account required, just a credit card and boom that's it. And you decide what the tattooed artwork is worth. It's like I'm passing the hat around after a busking performance (hat tip to Amanda Palmer). Only instead of me juggling torches or singing Neil Young songs, you've got art on your body from me for the rest of your life.

If you have a tattoo and you've bought prints or drawings from me, hey, that's a great way to support what I do as well.

(And please keep emailing me photos of your tattoos.)

You and I are at the forefront of how artists work in the age of the internet. This is uncharted territory. But this feels right, which is why I'm doing it.

So if you've got one of my drawings tattooed, or you're thinking about it, consider a monetary gesture of goodness. I'll throw in a free little ebook to make it even more fun.

(of course, if you can't commit to a real tattoo like me, there's always my temporary tattoos from Tattly)