packing orders & holiday deadlines

packing orders

I've been super busy making $40 drawings and packing orders like a mad man. So busy, that I just about forgot to post my shipping deadlines for the holidays.

Holiday Deadlines: So if you want something by Christmas, and you live in the USA, you need to order it today. If you live in Canada, you have until December 15. And if you live anywhere else, it's probably too late (although I've had some things get to Europe in less than a week, so you can take a chance).

Shop for originals and signed prints here:

My shipping times are not guaranteed, since everything is sent using regular mail (unless you pay extra for faster service).

You can also get things from my Society6 shop, although I don't know what their holiday cut off times are.

packing orders

I need to say this: I am forever grateful and humbled by all the orders I've received from you guys. It's amazing! Thank you! And from all over the world! I recently shipped orders to Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Singapore, Australia, Denmark, Greece, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, Slovakia, Canada, and to dozens of states all over the US.

Thank goodness for the internet, and thank goodness for you and your terrificness.