over 150 prints available

Well, 152 to be exact. That's how many different signed prints I now have available in my shop! Holy crap. Here they are:

I had no idea there were so many until I counted them this morning!

I've shared over 1000 drawings online, and some of them I decided to make into prints, or people get in touch and request something be made available as a print. And I guess after a while, it all adds up.

I've sold over a thousand prints of What to focus on, hundreds of the pipe-smoking rabbit, don't forget to play and some others, and a whole bunch that have sold a handful.

I never know what's going to resonate, what people are going to want to purchase. This is what I've learned as an artist: YOU don't get to decide what's good, THEY do.

Anyway, if you want to buy a print or two for a holiday gift, do it soon, so there's time for it to ship to you. Shop for prints here. (they're just $20 each)