All this stuff, I made for you

In the spirit of Holiday gift guides and such, this is pretty much everything available for sale with my drawings on them. I made it all for you.

Original Drawings

Selection varies, as the drawings tend to sell rather quickly. Check the shop often, sign up for the shop newsletter and/or follow me on twitter to get the latest updates. (I've been busy with some commissions and upcoming exhibitions, so there hasn't been much in the online shop. I hope to remedy that very soon)

Signed Prints

8x10 inch signed prints, just $20 each. This is one of the first things I ever sold on the internet. If you haven't visited the shop in a while, you should, right now. I've got some new ones available, including I'm a bit shy, if you were a chair and if you can read this it's probably windy. Yes, I really do sign them all myself, and I pack and ship them too (sometimes with the help of my 9 year old son).


Not many of these left, so get one or two while you can. Most online booksellers are out of stock, but The Book Depository has it, and they ship for free internationally. Find out more about the book, or just buy in here.


Printed and fulfilled by the almighty Spreadshirt. There are some new designs, including stop the bad music and what to focus on, as seen below. See all the t-shirts available.

Temporary Tattoos

By now you've probably already heard about these fun little non-committal tats from Because they're so darn fun! See all the designs available.

iPhone and iPod
skins and cases

I get asked for iPhone skins on a regular basis, so I finally set up shop on Society6. They do iPod and iPhone skins and cases, as well as prints. I'll get to their prints in a moment...

Framed prints, large prints

I've been wanting to offer larger prints, and framed ones as well, and now they're here. For example, you can now get a 28 x 34 inch print of Beard Octopus. That's a pretty big beard/octopus. You can also get nice looking framed prints too, like the ones below. Shop for (unsigned) prints, framed and unframed. (they do stretched canvases too! I know, it's all quite overwhelming.)


MiniCards from - they're like little calling cards. They're smaller than a business card, so they stand out in their own little way. Get a set customized with your own contact information from the US or UK sites.


Well that's it. Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to produce in the comments below, or send me an email. I'm always open to suggestions.

I used to be against the idea of offering merch with my drawings on it. I just didn't want it to become my focus, and end up makng drawings specifically for t-shirts and such. But I soon realized that for many, it's a preferred, and possibly intimate way of bringing art into one's life.